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I'm a medical student who loves sciences! For the past three years, I've been tutoring students across a range of ages, mainly in maths and science. Having studied these subjects, I understand the difficulties faced by students and aim to work with them to find their way of learning the content, so that they can be confident in their ability!


After applying to medicine, I've gained lots of experience on the application process, and how to gain the skills needed to get into medicine. I know just how tricky it can be juggling both A Levels and the application to university, so I hope to use this knowledge to support other students in their journeys. 



Imperial College London

A Levels

Sixth Form


Secondary School

Currently in my 4th Year of Medicine, I am studying a BSc in Surgical Design Technology. During my three years as a medical student, I have been an active member of various clubs and academic societies. 

At Sixth Form I studied Biology, Maths and Chemistry and achieved A*AA respectively. I was also Deputy Head Girl and led our school's MedSoc!

Though a long time ago, I achieved 9A*s and 3A grades in my subjects. Since then, most exam boards have renewed the course, but through mentoring younger students during my A Level study, I maintained familiarity with the new courses. 

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